сряда, 21 ноември 2012 г.

Roja Directa - The Italian football has its glory and its heroes. The most successful Italian club of all time is Juventus. The clubs is known as the `people`s team`, due to its high popularity in the country. The team is back from the Italian second division and what a return. They won the Italian championship and are back in the European Champions League.
Many of the fans of the Italian football feel pity for the past glory. The Italian teams have lost most of their power in the recent years. The Italian calcio is experiencing harsh times, mostly because of the fixed games in the Italian football. Juventus became one of the victims of the scandal. The club was sent to Serie B, but they want the relegation for the first league with dignity and won the Serie A afterwards. Free Live Football Streaming First row
Italy is back on the winning streak, winning the second place in the Euro 2012. The Italians clubs, playing in the European tournaments are ready to improve the national team performance. The Old Lady is ready for surprises this year. But it could be no surprise at all when it comes for Juventus. The best Italian team showed great confidence in the opening European match against Chelsea. The team was close to a sensation, but the people watching the Italian championship were not surprised at all. Juve wants its place in Europe and the players are ready for everything to return the club`s past glory.
As the Milano clubs feel difficulties and experience changes, the club from Turin will fight to achieve the second Italian title in a row. The team plays on many fronts, but its name deserves not only good games, but all the self-determination and inspiration. The fans missed Juve and the club will win more admirers with its football.

петък, 31 август 2012 г.

Rojadirecta - The British islands are attractive places for many snobs and artists. Now the newest and old attraction in the Shakespeare`s country is football. England is the motherland of the most popular sport in the world. Through the years, it became a symbol for many generations` social and spiritual appurtenance. To be a fan of a certain club was and still is a matter not only of taste. Sometimes the fanatic support of the local team comes from the family or the neighborhood. The fans of one club do not choose their object of loyal support. They are born this way.
England is a motherhood of the fanatic soccer supporters. Due to the constant chaos, caused by them many matches in the past were delayed and sometimes the result was fatal. One of the biggest football disasters not only for the English, but mostly for the European sport was the tragic final at the Hazel stadium in 1985th. After the final match between the teams of Juventus and Liverpool, the English clubs were banned from appearance in the European Cups - Roja Directa.
This was very hard for the best teams from the Albion. It took decades to rebuild their popularity and self-confidence. Now they are more powerful than ever. Nowadays the things are much different. The English teams are considered as the best teams on the continent. They have won three Champions League Finals, and England has become very attractive for the best overseas players - Justin tv. Many investors buy British clubs, not only because of the prominent history, but mostly because of the possible success and popularity.
It is something special to be part of the English Premier League atmosphere. Even if you not that into sports, a visit to a English Premiership match might let you think differently about the soccer.